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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10 nations ban U.S. beef imports

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Federal officials announced the recall Wednesday of more than 10,000 pounds of meat that passed through a Washington state slaughterhouse on the same day as a Holstein cow infected with mad cow disease.

Fearing that contaminated beef could pose a threat to their food supply, Canada, Mexico and six other nations joined Japan and South Korea in halting U.S. imports. The U.S. beef industry was battered as financial markets predicted steep drops in demand, with beef prices dropping sharply along with the stocks of meatpacking companies and restaurant chains such as McDonald's and Wendy's.

Federal investigators, meanwhile, frantically sought to track down the infected cow's antecedents. Agriculture officials said the Holstein was likely infected before it was purchased by a farm in southern Washington, which sent it to the slaughterhouse on Dec 9.

Here in Pakistan, the milk collection companies, vet. pharma companies and other importer of holstien/friesian cows are being sold to innocent farmers.

For few liters more of milk and money, our foreign currency exchange is being spent on without considering that these companies like Nestle and others are playing with lives of our people!!!

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